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About Us


    Breeding in our Area Since 2013


Hi! My name is Lisa, my husband Terry and I started Happy Tails Dachshunds when we moved back to central Arkansas around 2013. My first dachshund when I was very young was a little red boy named Peanut. He was an amazing little dog! I was hooked from then on. I grew up with a Black & Tan short hair dachshund named Daisy. She was with us from the time I was in middle school until several years after high school. She was such a sweet girl. It was just natural after Terry and I got married we got our first “McGowan” dachshund. Dozer quickly won Terry over and was running the show. Now Terry was hooked!! When I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 Dozer took amazing care of me. If I was in bed Terry would have to carry Dozer outside because he would not leave me. Dachshunds are such loving, compassionate, loyal little dogs with a huge heart! Dozer passed at the age of 14. 

To say we were crushed is an understatement. I had made up our minds we were never getting another dog. It just hurt to much when they cross rainbow bridge. Dozer definitely took a part of me with him when he crossed. I just could not do that again. 1 month later enter Tank! He quite literally healed our hearts. I still miss Dozer but, Tank sure helps out a ton! Talk about an amazing, smart boy this guy is something else. If I will pay attention he will let me know when a relapse is coming. He will also start smelling and licking Terry’s arm when his platelets are low. With Tank my obsession came to life. I started studying genetics and the dachshund breed in depth. We started talking in depth to experienced breeders. The rest they say is history. Now that I am home most days these guys are what keep me up and moving. I owe so much to these amazing little dogs. We love that we get to hang out with these guys everyday!

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